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Sailor's Warning

A red sky at night isn’t the sailor’s only delight, so is a Sailor’s Warning—a classic highball recipe, and cousin to the Moscow Mule (except the key ingredient here is spiced rum instead of vodka). Born from Caribbean waters and made popular by traveling sailors, the Sailor’s Warning has stood the test of time and allowed more than just sailors to fall under its spell. Never, under any circumstances, sub ginger ale for ginger beer; that’s a crime in the eyes of a sailor, my friend. Otherwise, this drink is fit for beginners and sea mariners alike.

The Ingredients

Make it yourself

The Ingredients

Make it yourself



Drake’s Organic Spiced Rum



Ginger Beer, Dealer’s Choice



Lime Juice



Lime Wedge

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Recommended Tools

The Process



Fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Add rum.


Pour in ginger beer and lime juice.


Stir with a bar spoon.


Garnish with a fresh lime wedge.

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