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Galapagos Fund

The Galápagos Fund

COVID-19 halted travel to the Galápagos Islands in March 2020—virtually overnight—creating profound hardships for the economy as well as the community. While this threat lingers, it became a threat to the ecosystems and wildlife of this iconic World Heritage site. The Galápagos Fund works to help the local economy and sensitive ecosystems get back on their feet. As one of our charity efforts, Drake’s Organic donates a portion of our proceeds to the Galápagos Fund.

Why the Galápagos?

At Drake’s we truly believe in creating spirits that are better for you and the environment. That’s why we work so hard to achieve all 5 official certifications that protect you and mother earth. The Galápagos Islands hold a special place in the Drake’s familys’ hearts, we adventured there in early 2021. Where we saw firsthand the effects that this devastating virus had on the people, wildlife, and economy of this historic destination with so much natural beauty to offer. We knew we couldn’t sit idly by as a place that touched our adventurous hearts suffered through devastating blows, so we decided to change it. We came across the Galapagos Fund, and knew that it aligned perfectly with our brand beliefs and values. By supporting Drake’s you support this cause and we are so grateful.

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