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Watermelon Tini

BOXTAILS are pre-mixed, craft cocktails on tap featuring Drake’s® Ultra Premium, USDA Organic Certified Vodka, and Rum. Each flavor is packed with real USDA Organic fruit juice, giving you a quick and easy way to enjoy organic cocktails without the long grocery list or complicated recipe. Watermelon Tini tastes like the refreshing, sun-soaked flavor of sweet watermelon, paired with our ultra-smooth, pure cane sugar vodka. Enjoy each natural fruit flavor in the collection, Black Cherry Limeade, Mango Punch, and Mojito.


For this craft cocktail, just tap the box, and add the rocks.

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Real Fruit Flavor

BOXTAILS are always crafted with simple, organic ingredients for a real, fresh flavor in a convenient package. You won’t find any artificial colors or flavors here, everything is flavored with USDA Organic fruit juice and colored with natural fruit and vegetable colors. Real ingredients, ready to drink.


Our Watermelon Tini Boxtail is crafted with our ultra-premium vodka. The first non-grain, gluten-free, certified organic vodka, distilled 12 times for a full, natural, silky taste that lingers lightly on the palate. A flavor that simply cannot come from grain alcohol, cane sugar is the secret to the smoothest sips. You’ll taste the difference organic can make.



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