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Minted Mojito

BOXTAILS are pre-mixed, craft cocktails on tap featuring Drake’s® Ultra Premium, USDA Organic Certified Vodka, and Rum. Each flavor is packed with real USDA Organic fruit juice, giving you a quick and easy way to enjoy organic cocktails without the long grocery list or complicated recipe. Our cane sugar rum truly shines with the Mojito Boxtail. The perfect, refreshing combo of mint, lime, and pure cane sugar comes together for a muddle-free craft cocktail in a box. Enjoy each natural fruit flavor in the collection, Black Cherry Limeade, Watermelon Tini, and Mango Punch.


For this craft cocktail, just tap the box, and add the rocks.

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Real Fruit Flavor

BOXTAILS are always crafted with simple, organic ingredients for a real, fresh flavor in a convenient package. You won’t find any artificial colors or flavors here—just USDA Organic fruit juice and fresh ingredients for a real cocktail, ready whenever you are.


For a fresh-mojito taste in a convenient portable package, we pack every box with USDA Organic fruit juice and our ultra-premium cane sugar rum. Our rum is artfully distilled with fresh-squeezed organic cane sugar juice for an unrivaled smooth flavor. We always craft our spirits with the freshest, most sustainable ingredients, and zero pesticides and fertilizers.



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