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Drake’s Sustainable Spirits

Our Sustainability Efforts

As a brand and as humans, we love this planet. Our love of exploring the outdoors and animals are the main inspiration behind why we even started Drake’s Organic. As a brand, we are a continuous work in progress, always striving to be better and do better for our customers and the environment. When it comes to sustainability, we feel no differently. We are working to achieve more environmentally friendly methods as we grow. We want to be transparent with our audience and outline all the efforts we are making towards a more eco-friendly brand to keep our Earth and customers healthy.

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Our premium spirits are crafted completely from pure cane sugar and fresh Andes Mountain water—nothing else. We never use harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or artificial colors and ingredients. These are harmful to your health and heavily pollute the land, water, and air surrounding areas of growth. We are certified as completely organic, gluten-free and non-GMO meaning our growth process, use of ingredients, and production process are all pure.

Eco-Friendly Production

We harvest our cane sugar within the Cauca Valley of Colombia and have adopted farming methods native to the area. Growing cane sugar is proven to use less land, water, and machinery than growing genetically modified corn (a common ingredient in other spirits) which makes for less of a carbon footprint than traditional growing methods.
We are also completely animal bi-product free making us Vegan. Unlike other alcohol brands which use hidden animal derivatives in their filtration processes, we use a coconut fiber filtration process to ensure no animals are used as ingredients or in the production of our spirits.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

We strive to create packaging that keeps waste out of landfills. BOXTAILS™ use recycled, compostable cardboard as part of their packaging for a more eco-friendly alternative.

Less Waste Than Canned Competitors

Our pre-mixed craft cocktails come in a party size for less waste than canned competitors. Each 1.75-liter Drake's boxtail contains twice the alcohol content of canned seltzers, saving about 6% alcohol in a single box. Each canned seltzer contains 6% alcohol, while each Drake's boxtail contains 12% alcohol.

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