Go Against the Grain

We’re the first and only spirits brand to hold all 5 official certifications. We proudly paved the way to change industry standards. Read more to see how we’re able to hold this title, and why certifications matter for your body, and the planet.


This means our spirits were crafted without the use of any genetically modified organisms which have been proven to have harmful effects on our bodies and the environment. A technical inspection of each ingredient that is used to produce our spirits is needed in order to be cerified. Ingredients with the highest risk of being genetically modified include many of the base grains and starches used in producing spirits including corn, potatoes, wheat, and sugar beets. We’re the first and only spirit brand to craft all of our spirits with pure, organic cane-sugar.

Obtaining this certificate requires sourcing ingredients from reputable farmers as well as the ongoing monitoring of descending generations in both the field and the production facility.

USDA Organic

For a spirit to be organic, it must be grown and produced without pesticides or fertilizers, resulting in a clean, pure beverage. This is the most difficult of the five certifications to obtain. USDA Organic certification involves a lot of planning and work. An updated plan must be submitted every year. The exact percentage of each ingredient in each product and the tally of all organic ingredients must be calculated. This plan must also address any regulated aspects of the production facility such as the cleaning products used, other items produced in the same space, and how the equipment is washed, sterilized, and serviced.


If you’re vegan, you’re probably familiar with what makes a food or beverage vegan. However, this word can turn off those who don’t identify with a vegan lifestyle—but there’s no need! It’s just another certification to prove that we produce all our spirits with ingredients of the earth like pure cane sugar. To be certified, the spirit must contain no animal products or byproducts and no ingredients that were tested on animals.. In fact, each and every ingredient must be accounted for with a letter from its producer stating that no animals were used in any way in the production of the ingredient.


To be Kosher just means the items must be approved by a Rabbi, as well as contain no animal by-products.

Being Jewish or of Jewish descent is not necessary to receive this certificate, but we feel strongly that any person of age should be able to enjoy our spirits. To become certified, an alcoholic spirits company must submit an application and undergo mandatory, twice-yearly visits by a rabbi. The frequency of rabbinical visits is a big factor in the overall expense of becoming kosher-certified.

Gluten Free

The process for Gluten-Free certification has very strict requirements. Since some people eat a gluten-free diet for certain health reasons, the guidelines for certification are there to guarantee that the products are safe for people with a gluten intolerance or allergies Products that are labeled gluten free, but do not have the certification are more likely to trigger allergic reactions than their Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO, and USDA organic counterparts.

The FDA does not regulate distilled spirits, so Drake’s decision to obtain Gluten-Free Certification is a testament to their high standards.

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